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My Precious One
By: Gem

I made you out of love...
My unconditional Love.
I'm watching over you,
Because I don't want to harm you.

Each day I take good care of you,
But sometimes you don't recognize
The very thing I've shown you.

You caused me pain,
In my heart the scars remain.
But for me all is okey,
Because I do Love you truly.

I know what is best for you,
Because I know you more than you do.
Take care My Precious One
And let me be your Holy One.

By: Carlo

Sitting silently you watch
the world,
Waiting for your turn to say,
A word.

And when you opened
your mouth,
Things of great sense
came out.

Your eyes shows sincerity
of heart.
A wonder, a work
of art

Never there will be a Woman
like YOU,
For GOD made you unique,
GOD made you...

" So do not Fear for I am with you. Do not be dismayed for I am your GOD.I will strengthen you and help you with my righteous hand " ISAIAH 41:10

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